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CredSure Insurance Limited (CredSure) offers bespoke and general insurance solutions for both your personal and business needs. These solutions are delivered through our network of Underwriting Management Agencies (UMAs) located throughout Zimbabwe and our internal Credit Department and Health Division. A UMA is a structure that allows an independently registered company to write insurance business on behalf of an insurer. The model seeks to provide clients with tailor-made insurance solutions while empowering entrepreneurship within the insurance and risk management space.

Since its inception in 1965, CredSure has provided the Zimbabwean market with affordable and innovative insurance solutions that weather the dynamics of the Zimbabwean economy.

Where We've Been

Our History

The shareholding of CredSure in 1965 comprised of a consortium of banks, reinsurance companies, the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) and the Credit Guarantee Corporation of Africa.

The objectives of promoting CredSure were to:
  • 1

    Promote the country’s exports by protecting exporters from commercial and political payment risks

  • 2

    Facilitate export finance by cession of credit insurance policies to financial institutions and suppliers.

  • 3

    Promote domestic business by offering protection against commercial payment risks.

  • 4

    Provide specialised Construction Bonds and Guarantees.


Formed in 1965 as Zimbabwe’s preferred provider of export credit insurance, CredSure has over the years diversified to also offer general insurance solutions.


In 1982, CredSure became a member of the Berne Union and began enjoying full international standing through this membership.


CredSure was honoured to host the Annual General Meeting of the Berne Union in Zimbabwe.


In 1996 CredSure became a member of the Credit Alliance which gave it online access to a database of over 20 million buyers and debt collection networks around the world.


In November 2007, CredSure decided to extend its business to include other short-term insurance classes due to the difficult economic times that the country was experiencing. Our clients can bank on the amalgamation of both credit and short-term insurance, constituting a wider product offering by the Company.


In 2017 CredSure introduced to the Zimbabwean market the Underwriting Management Agency business model. The model seeks to provide clients with tailor made insurance solutions while empowering entrepreneurship within the insurance and risk management space.


Following the outbreak of the Corona Virus (Covid-19) in 2019, CredSure, being a market leader and innovator, added CredSure Health to its internal insurance solutions. CredSure Health provides medical aid and health insurance to previously disenfranchised sections of the Zimbabwean populous such as
domestic workers, artisinal miners, small to medium enterprises just to name a few.


In May 2022 Credsure was readmitted to the Berne Union after having surrendered its membership in 2008 owing to the hyperinflationary environment obtaining in Zimbabwe then. The Berne Union is the International gathering of Credit and Investment Insurers which is composed of over 83 Credit and Investment Insurers from over 73 countries. The Organisation meets twice a year to discuss and share ideas, best practices and training for member Credit Insurance agencies worldwide.

Where We are now

Shareholder Profiling

CredSure is a proud member of the Zimre Holdings Limited Group (ZHL). ZHL is a Zimbabwe Stock Exchange listed holding company founded in 1983 with foundations in making insurance a necessity and wealth creation a reality for Zimbabweans and Africans as a whole. ZHL uses its client-facing brands, CredSure, Zimre Capital, Fidelity Life Assurance Zimbabwe Limited and Zimre Property Investments Limited to provide quality investment opportunities and financial wellness to its diverse clients and shareholders.


Leadership in value creation through innovative, targeted & structured risk management.


To be the preferred and valued destination for insurance.


Our core values are The Client, Honesty and Integrity, Relationships, and Excellence.