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Fidelity Life Financial Services (FLFS) offers quality short term insurance products and services such as: Motor Insurance, Agriculture Insurance, Fire Insurance, Accident Insurance, Marine Insurance and other related insurance products.


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FMC Finance offer products and services such as:

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Each claim is treated differently from home, motor, health and credit insurance. There are a number of factors that affect how long it takes to resolve a claim. The best ways to assist your claim process go more fluently include providing us with all the necessary information. A CredSure representative will indicate the approximate timeline for resolving your claim.

It is important to update your cover when there are significant changes and events in your life. It is important to review and update son as to protect the most important things in ones’ life. These may include:
 Credit expansion
 Changes in income
 After buying a new car
 After buying a new house
 When starting a new business
 When buying new properties for an existing business

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